From a student , office going people to housewives  everybody needs to kick start their day in a refreshing                     way. A morning walk in a fresh air without  air and noise pollution due to vehicles can start your body in a                     relaxing way . Inhaling a good amount of fresh oxygen provides a new life to lungs and also waking up early                   and starting your day in a disciplined manner makes you to do your everyday work with so much ease and                     you have more time for yourself than those who are not early birds.



2.DAILY BREAKFAST                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


After a long night of fasting when you wake up, your body needs to cleanse and get essential nutrition again to start the day in a healthy manner.  For sports persons a blend of amino acids in the early morning refills his muscles with energy to kick start his day , a combination of complex carbohydrates , protein and good fats is vital for each person to keep their energy levels up and to continue their recovery process going.











As you all already know that our body is about 70% water , each cell and muscles needs water to function                      properly. What most people lack in their life is that they do not drink optimum quantity of water , about 3-5                  liters  a day that what must be our water consumption . In my opinion lukewarm water throughout the day                    get the toxins out of the body and helps the body to function well. A well hydrated person will perform in his                daily work and more specifically a sports person needs to hydrate his body as he looses too much electrolytes                while training and games.



A quality  5-10 minutes of meditation will bring an amazing change into your life , the best time is to                               meditate early morning or night where there is no disturbance , keep your eyes closed focus on your                                 breathing process ,thinking about nothing or just imagine yourself in a place that only you are there and no                   other human presence is there. It will make you more calm and will increase focus and these 2 things are                        vital in our daily life.













I must try everything in life and thinking smoking will make me look cool , every smoker starts with this                         idea and after when they gets addicted , they just struggle with life threatening diseases such as lung                               cancer, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. “Smoking is associated with virtually all                       diabetes complications,” Dr. Lenhard said, and it’s a leading cause of heart disease. “Cigarette smokers with                 diabetes are virtually certain to get cardiovascular disease,” he said. “It’s not if they get it, it’s when they get                    it.”“If people will use nicotine patches and medications with a behavioral plan, they can increase their                           chances of quitting five or six times. There are more effective treatment options when you use all the tools.”                   So if you really want to quit smoking you must seek help from a Dr and just keep reminding yourself the                         benefits of quitting smoking , you will thank me later if you decide to take this resolution.










These 2 white poisons are destroying our lives without getting noticed , we never realizes that these are very                  harmful substances if are used regularly in a quantity more than suggested. Too much sugar can cause                           insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes. Salt can cause water gain and high blood pressure, which can lead to                heart failure, heart attack and stroke. A tip from myself that all those fast foods you are attracted to are so                      full  of salt. No need to tell you more about it , just you need to cut off excessive salt and sugar intakes.












Partying on the weekends is so normal now a days , people believe to walk in the night but they do not want                   to go in the sunlight. Sunlight helps your sleep and mood, being out in the sun increases your likelihood of                     physical activity and sunlight is the only natural way to get vitamin D. Mental health is so much related to                     sleep and it is related to getting light. But Of course, too much sun isn’t good either. The sun’s UV light is a                   leading cause of skin cancer so protect yourself with sunblock, hats and clothing too.










We humans are social animals and we are biologically hard- wired to each other . For our mental and                              physical  health we need each others help .So this year make a resolution to spend some quality time with                      family , friends and other people , it is indirectly related to out health .


So i have tried to give you some basic new year resolutions you can start and remember you can start at any                 day  of the year. So get going from today and remember we are here to help you out .

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