Yes you are reading correct , you can make your fast food healthy just by adding some healthy and hygienic                  vegetables to it . Imagine a typical burger contains fried bread , cheese , mayonnaise , fried meat patty ,ketchup            etc so it is so much full of calories and fat but you can easily turn that high fat calories burger into a nutritional            burger  just by adding some protein food and vegetables. Also you can avoid ketchup, cheese, mayonnaise to avoid      high calories.
      There is no need to write about how amazingly a healthy breakfast works for you .Office going people do not have        much time early in the morning so to save time most people get a bowl of fruit loops , corn flakes with milk &                artificial sweetener and this is so much full of high calories . Remember to switch to a high carbohydrates to a              protein rich breakfast. Eggs are a very rich source of protein and minerals to start off your  day , also they wont            take  time to get cooked .Fruits added with eggs gives you a great combination of proteins, minerals and vitamins.
         These 2 white poisons are destroying our lives without getting noticed , we never realizes that these are very                  harmful substances if are used regularly in a quantity more than suggested. Too much sugar can cause                           insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes. Salt can cause water gain and high blood pressure, which can lead to                heart failure, heart attack and stroke. A tip from myself that all those fast foods you are attracted to are so                      full  of salt. No need to tell you more about it , just you need to cut off excessive salt and sugar intakes.
    There are lots of other tips for a healthy diet , you can check our articles for that . In this article basically what i            wanted to say that even if you are training on a daily basis you must eat healthy to maintain or loose weight. Just        because you burn calories doesn’t mean you can afford eating more calories than you burnt and expect weight loss      or maintenance